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About David Lazenby

I bring an active passion for nature, wild places and an innate ‘feel’ for natural science, historical, archaeological and cultural subjects.  As well as being an award-winning designer with 30 years of international experience in the film, tv, exhibit and immersive environment design industries, I am also an accomplished, well-published professional wildlife and nature photographer. I have documented wild and remote environments on photographic expeditions to more than 50 countries on all seven continents. My experience spans the extremes of tropical rainforests to polar ice, deserts, savannah, coral and temperate reefs, tundra, wetlands, boreal forests, exotic islands, mountains, volcanoes and caves. It is this intense up-close and personal understanding of natural environments that I use as a basis, reference and inspiration for creating highly naturalistic, multi-sensory exhibits and habitats.

I believe that any recreated environment should capture the ‘essence’ of the place it represents. I want your visitors to view your exhibit as an engaging ‘window into another world,’ to be enthralled by the depth of immersion and to be caught up in the visual drama, atmosphere and sensory richness of an exotic experience. Most of all I want your visitors to respond emotively to the interpretative stories you need to tell.

With many years of experience in the actual construction, project management and art direction of exhibits and environments, I possess a wealth of knowledge of specialist materials, fabrication techniques,  a sound understanding of associated technical elements and the ability to produce design and specification that are inherently ‘buildable.’

On research trip in Antarctica

Photo: Dr. Stephan Hering-Hagenbeck

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